Hello There, Welcome to Your Website!

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This is the very first post. The newest posts submitted by you to the website will always appear at the top of all the posts on the home page. All posts are designated to automatically go to the home page. We can delete this post prior to launch… it is just a placeholder for now as this site goes through the design process.

You’ll notice at the bottom of the post it says “Posted in Uncategorized”. We can add categories as we go along. Some of these categories may include “New Listings”, “Events”, pretty much anything you want. Categories are useful for site searches and also for organizing the types of posts you add to the website. Every post can have a category associated with it, otherwise, it will appear as “uncategorized”.

As we get photos together for the header you want for the slideshow, then I will be able to install the plugin for it. In the mean time, the header will be static during web production. We certainly can do a test run of the slider at a future time.

Of course, much more left to do. Let’s build!